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Welcome to Royal Buffet & Grill!

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Paula Collins
WWe have been to your buffet many times and the food we as always hot. This time it was cold.We didn't even eat but we still had to pay. This is the last time and I will tell everyon
May 20, 2015 18:02
Miss K
So my last visit was actually pretty good, I did notice a change in servers who constantly walked by our table and saw our empty glasses and neglected to ask us if we wanted a refill. The food was still good and the atmosphere was still good. My fiance loves this place and we visit once every two months or so especially for the crab legs. I think because the beverages are something we cannot get ourselves the staff needs to be more attentive to their tables glasses and just ask if they want a refill
May 15, 2015 09:46
anonym user
I also forgot to warn you all that my receip they charged me $9.03, then i looked out at my card hisroty and they charged me $10.86 almost 2 dollars more, idk whats happening but if they took more money from my card i guess im not the only one, lets be more careful with those guys
Jan 14, 2015 01:05
anonym user
Foods is good, servers need to smile more and try to make their fake smile more real...the guy in the front counter which also sits the guests really needs to smile idk whats wrong with him but he always looks angry...thats my little review(the two stars are for the food only, the staff needs to complete the other 3 :
Jan 14, 2015 00:54
They have the best food and the nicest staff. Guess we're I am going today!! Yes, you guessed it... Royal Buffet it is
Jan 10, 2015 17:04
Your food is some of the best I've had at a buffet. When I want to give my wife a treat I mention Royal Buffet and she puts on her happy face. Look forward to seeing you later for dinner
Jul 26, 2014 13:44
by far one of the best chinese buffets that I have had the pleasure to eat at; large selection of great food. Its not a scared buffet like some of the other ones this place when the pans run low they fill'm up. I think the best time to go there is around 1130 cannot say enough about it quality price is reasonable if you think it's expensive I'd hate to see where you like to eat. Don't confuse this one with the one in Willimantic with the same name. That one is awful
Apr 22, 2014 07:55
anonym user
The food is awesome. I ate lots of snow crab legs and sushis. I love them a lot!! There are much other food too.
Feb 02, 2014 21:30
anonym user
Dec 01, 2013 01:41
royal buffet is my favorite buffet because it has all you want to eat and you dont have to pay for what you eat its only for the age you are thats one thing that i like because they only charge you for your age and i always go there for my birthday. speaking of birthdays mine is coming up on september 12
Aug 09, 2013 16:09
anonym user
Aug 01, 2013 11:47
Apr 14, 2013 20:54
john googotz
Used to eat here once a week for dinner but lately have noticed that the quality of the food and the selections are just not as good as they used to be. I'm a big seafood fan and this was the main reason I used to visit often but now it seems like the sushi station just makes very cheap stuff (hardly ever any salmon, or tuna sushi) and they only bring crab legs out about once an hour (and usually just a small amount) Also the self serve carving station is a disaster (bland, unseasoned and almost always very tough meat) I think for $13.99 they are overpriced compared to other buffets with similiar food in the area. Our new favority is the Pacific Buffet&Grill in Wallingford. It's a longer drive but the sushi station is the best in the area and the grill station is always full of freshly grilled meats cooked right in front of you. And it's only $11.99 and unlike Royal Buffet they don't remove the better items at lunch. Sorry Royal but you've lost our business until you can compete better pricewise and food choices and quality
Apr 05, 2013 16:48
Lorraine Lee
I visited your buffet, Wednesday, July 27th and found everything to my liking. The wait staff were right there to clear dishes or refill drinks without prompting; the music playing was enjoyable; the food was superb--the best buffet I've ever been to--the food looked appetizing and the variety suited everyone's tastes, the flavor of the food was a cut above any other buffet around town. In short, I enjoyed my experience immensely and look forward to returning to your restaurant again. Thank you and your staff for a wonderful day
Jul 27, 2011 14:31
anonym user
I must say, The best buffet I have been to. Great atmosphere, clean, food selection was awesome. Will definitely return
Jan 13, 2011 01:43
anonym user
great food good price :
Dec 30, 2010 13:34
Manchester Resident
Aug 10, 2010 00:59
Best buffet, great food.
Jul 15, 2008 10:21

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